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Xclusive Arrivals founder Nelson Martinez began his journey as a child. Always having a keen eye for art and the creative capacity to see things on a larger scale, Nelson Martinez knew he was destined to do big things. After completing college in 2005 and receiving his degree in Graphic Arts, Nelson decided to take his Passion for Fashion and set his sights on exclusive sneakers.

A staple of his community X.A. realized the importance of opening his first Boutique in the heart of his neighborhood because he wanted to show the youth, that we can be from the same place and still succeed in life. He has hosted a number of Pop-Up Shops to help promote other artist work and merchandise Danny Reyes, Founder and President of Red Eye Films & Entertainment and The Jersey 4, on special projects to help promote and bring awareness to The Jersey 4, a non-profit organization that supports the inner city youth. Also, had the privilege of doing Career day at about 3 local board of education schools in the upper eastside area, to bring awareness to the youth.

Xclusive Arrivals is a fashion forward company who is making its mark in East Harlem. In an interview with Simone Weichselbaum of The Daily News on May 6th 2014, when asked about the high price behind a pair of Air Jordan VII Miro Olympics in his private collection, Xclusive Arrivals was quoted as saying “It’s a culture. It’s an art. The deeper the meaning, the pricier the shoe”. Xclusive Arrivals isn’t just a sneaker store, it’s a boutique, a gallery where sneaker enthusiasts can come and admire the art of foot wear.

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